Yukata shirt - sky blue patchwork

Code: short-sky-patch

There is a tradition in Japan - to wrap gifts in small traditional handmade shawls. The drawings on these furoshiki handkerchiefs are unique, because they are created manually, which means that the shirt assembled from such handkerchiefs has no analogues. It's nice to feel unique in Yukata Shirt, which is not only an absolute statement of peace, but also keeps a touching piece of history.

This timeless piece comes in its personal cotton bag. It is one size. Each shirt comes with a bamboo and silk fan attached to a stainless-steel chain making it the perfect accessory for the shirt. You will never lose that cool breeze that comes with your shirt.  

Our eco-conscious fashion puts the focus on reclaimed materials.

810,00 USD

Color: sky blue patchwork

Fabric: 100% cotton 100% Japanese printed cotton Bamboo and Silk fan (fan color may not match the picture) / Stainless Steel chain.

Washcare: When washing - use lower temperatures and shorter cycles.

Material: This is one of a kind handmade piece.

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  1. One size