Yukata shirt - Green Cashmere

Code: yukata-shirt-plaid-blue

379,60 USD

Color: Green Cashmere

Fabric: 50% cashmere - 50% wool

Washcare: When washing – use lower temperatures and shorter cycles

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The elegance of this shirt combines not only the cut, pattern, and length but also natural cashmere and wool, from which it is made. In the wardrobe of a modern person there should be a thing for the ages - always fashionable and always in place, so this shirt is just such a thing!  

The creators of THE SHIRT OF MY SENSEI brand rely on recyclable materials to create this shirt. 

This timeless piece comes in its personal cotton bag. It is one-size. Suitable for all ages.

Each shirt comes with a bamboo and silk fan attached to a stainless-steel chain making it the perfect accessory for the shirt. You will never lose that cool breeze that comes with your shirt.

Our eco-conscience fashion puts the focus on environmentally friendly fabrics and sustainability throughout the production process.