Yukata shirt - Green Patchwork

Code: short-green-patch

A patchwork shirt made from traditional Japanese handkerchiefs furoshiki definitely keeps comfort and harmony in itself. An unusual combination of colors and natural fabrics makes such a yukata a unique element of the wardrobe for all times.

This timeless piece comes in its personal cotton bag. It is one-size. Each shirt comes with a bamboo and silk fan attached to a stainless-steel chain making it the perfect accessory for the shirt. You will never lose that cool breeze that comes with your shirt.  Our eco-conscience fashion puts the focus on environmentally friendly fabrics and sustainability throughout the production process.

661,50 USD

Color: Green Patchwork

Fabric: 100% reclaimed cotton poplin and 100% Japanese printed cotton. Bamboo and silk fan (fan color may not match the picture) / stainless steel chain.

Washcare: When washing - use lower temperatures and shorter cycles.

Material: This is one of a kind handmade Yukata shirt.

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  1. One size