Patchwork is the technique of combining multiple patterns, colours, and textures into larger designs. 

The original purpose of it was to save money, by using up leftover fabric and extending the working life of a garment. 

Patchwork was an inexpensive and easy technique, that added individuality to an outfit or a single item. This was the rise of patchwork; at this point, it became more than a technique – it became a fashion.

This season, patchwork is making a huge comeback, but not just in its classic sewed technique, but also as a simple print on a piece of fabric.

Today, for some brands, patchwork is a way to keep up with current trends, while for others like @theshirtofmysensei, it is an effective way to support ethical clothing production and at the same time reduce waste.

When it comes to patchwork Yukatas, every single one of them is unique, and due to their nature (reclaimed fabrics), availability is very limited.

Yukata easily can be a classic piece of any basic wardrobe, and in our store, you can find them in many trendy and unique designs.

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